Chimney Sweeping


Cleaning chimneys "soots" me, not you

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. That someone is Tip Top Chimney Sweep. Without regular and periodic cleaning, your chimney will not just be dirty but your fireplace could become an extreme health risk to you, your pets, and your family.

 If you don't get regular cleanings, poisonous gases could back up into your home. Don't let that happen to you! Contact Us today and schedule your cleaning appointment ASAP. Each day you wait could be a day closer to danger.


Chimney cleaningHow often should you clean your chimney?

The National Fire Protection Association says chimneys, fireplaces, and vents should be inspected once a year. Even if you don't use your chimney very often, you can still get leaves, dirt, dust, and animal nests in your chimney, and those things need to be removed.



Chimney cleaning contractor

How can you be sure we cleaned thoroughly?

We use closed-circuit video technology so you can see what we see. We put cameras into your chimney so you can see the dirt that's in there, and then you can also see the difference after we have finished thoroughly cleaning your chimney. That's the Tip Top difference!

Closed Circuit Chimney Inspection

Chimney Camera

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Chimney Sweeping

Contact us today for an estimate on service and maintenance for your existing fireplace, chimney, and free-standing stove.

Whether you have wood or gas burning features, they will still need occasional maintenance.

 We want to help make sure that accidents never happen to you!